Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Fresh Start

I have agonized for a while now over what to do with my several blogs. I finally realized and accepted the need to simmer down to one.

I’m rebranding myself: I am consolidating to this blog where I can express whatever comes my way in my favorite media: the written word. You will still find much about life, faith, parenting, dogs traveling and more – everything that comes my way! Gaming and cosplay are going to start playing a bigger role in my web presence, as they are in my life.

I write fiction, too! Between here and my redesigned website, which will be available June 12th, you will hopefully get to see some of my science fiction and fantasy writing.

I will be removing my other blogs from Blogger at the end of the month. However, copies of selected posts will be available on my Portfolio page of the new site.

I also write a Christian email devotional, the eDevo, as the Spirit moves me. A new website solely dedicated to the eDevo will also be launched and ready for viewing on Friday. You can read sample messages and sign up to start receiving them in your inbox.