Monday, September 17, 2012

Genre Favorites

What better way to introduce my new blog and reveal a little bit about myself than through a Genre Favorites Blogfest, courtesy of Alex J. Cavanaugh?

Movie: My favorite movie genre is Comedy. Movies are so real with vivid images provided for the viewer. I do not like to be emotionally and visually immersed in serious, shocking or threatening situations. Since my mind is on vacation from imagining the visual while watching a movie, I prefer to be on vacation all around, just having fun and being able to laugh.

Music: I truly cannot choose a single favorite genre of music. I have far spread music tastes and it always boils down to the individual song, not genre, and not even artist or album hold much sway. When I write, I prefer no music. When I read, I generally do not listen to music, but will sometimes listen to instrumental pieces if I feel the mood fits what I'm reading. Dancing, exercising, and driving are times I listen to music, often peppy, quick beat styles. Soft, quiet music can be used for relaxation and occasionally to help me drift off to sleep.

Books: My favorite books are Science Fiction and Fantasy. I love stories about space, the future, robotics, superheroes, magic, etc. Some might separate these into two separate genres, but I list them together here so as not to have to give up my "guilty pleasure" genre choice.

Guilty Pleasure from 3 categories above: As a writer and a reader, I have to list books my "guilty pleasure" choice for this blogfest. My other favorite genre of books is Christian nonfiction, mostly Bible studies and devotionals.

I love to write - to play with words, fully investigate their meanings and context and use them to build pieces. The genres I love to read are also the genres I love to write.

What are your favorite genres of movie, music and books?